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Past Events

Past Events



The Seige of Barnstaple with The Sealed Knot

12th August 

Rock Park, Barnstaple

BHG joined members of The Sealed Knot at The Seige of Barnstaple, for a fantastic and fun day in Rock Park.  We were there with our gazebo promoting the group. 

Promoting Barnstaple History Group

9th August 

Outside St Peter's Church, Barnstaple

To publicise and promote Barnstaple History Group, members had a stall outside St Peter's Church.  It was a great opportunity to chat to members of the public about the group and the kind of things we do. 


The Summer Reading Challenge

Castle Green

5th July 

As part of the Summer Reading Challenge event , the History Group had a stall on Castle Green, next to Barnstaple Library.

Annual Exhibition 

The life and times of John Gay (1685-1732).  

St Anne's Chapel, Paternoster Walk, Barnstaple

25th April to Saturday 29th April


Born in Barnstaple, and educated in St Anne's Chapel, his most famous work was 'The Beggar's Opera'.


The exhibition covered the story of his life,  how The Beggar's Opera outraged society and in particular the leading politicians of the day,  The theatre in the eighteenth century, popular fashion, and much more


Annual Exhibition

The Story of Barnstaple

Barnstaple Guildhall

25th October to 28th October

Using items saved from Barnstaple Heritage Centre, the 2016 exhibition told the story of the town from the Saxons through to the present day. 


Annual Exhibition

Barnstaple Advertising Through The Ages

St Anne's Chapel

13th October to 17th October

A fascinating exhibition showing how the town has changed over the last century, told with the use of local advertisements. 

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